Just Like Heaven

Just Like Heaven


Crystal has agreed to perform with Carole & Tuesday at the Mars Grammys. Seeing that the girls are unsure of what to sing, she suggests a song that will serve as a ray of light in the darkness. So begins Carole & Tuesday’s uphill battle to create a suitable new number. The Mars Grammys take place on Christmas, Carole’s birthday. On Christmas morning, Angela is at the hospital where Dahlia is being treated. Finally, the show begins...


  • 脚本:中西やすひろ
  • 絵コンテ:三宅将平
  • 演出:三宅将平
  • 総作画監督:紺野直幸
  • 作画監督:ヤマダシンヤ可児里未大貫健一斉藤英子本城恵一朗紺野直幸
  • 音楽シーン総作画監督:斎藤恒徳
  • 音楽シーン作画監督:近藤圭一
  • Screenplay : Yasuhiro Nakanishi
  • Storyboards : Shohei Miyake
  • Director : Shohei Miyake
  • Chief Animation Director : Naoyuki Konno
  • Animation Director : Shinya Yamada, Satomi Kani, Kenichi Onuki, Eiko Saito, Keichiro Honjo, Naoyuki Konno
  • Music Scene Chief Animation Director : Tsunenori Saito
  • Music Scene Animation Director : Keiichi Kondo