People Get Ready

People Get Ready


Dahlia reveals to Tao that Angela is being threatened by a stalker who calls himself “The Black Knight”. Upon hearing this, Tao takes it upon himself to find the culprit. For the upcoming Cydonia Festival, Angela has agreed to appear as a secret guest for Ertegun. Meanwhile, Carole & Tuesday, eager to redeem themselves after their last disastrous performance at Cydonia Festival, are also making preparations. Finally, the curtain rises on each of their stages...


  • 脚本:赤尾でこ
  • 絵コンテ:竹下良平堀 元宣
  • 演出:蓮井隆弘
  • 総作画監督:伊藤嘉之
  • 作画監督:堀川耕一ヤマダシンヤ大貫健一可児里未本城恵一朗伊藤嘉之
  • 音楽シーン総作画監督:斎藤恒徳
  • 音楽シーン作画監督:近藤圭一
  • Screenplay : Deko Akao
  • Storyboards : Ryohei Takeshita, Motonobu Hori
  • Director : Takahiro Hasui
  • Chief Animation Director : Yoshiyuki Ito
  • Animation Director : Koichi Horikawa, Shinya Yamada, Kenichi Onuki, Satomi Kani, Keichiro Honjo, Yoshiyuki Ito
  • Music Scene Chief Animation Director : Tsunenori Saito
  • Music Scene Animation Director : Keiichi Kondo
#19「People Get Ready」(ジ・インプレッションズ)
#19「People Get Ready」(The Impressions)
A 1965 hit by The Impressions, an R&B group from Chicago. A gospel-influenced song created by Curtis Mayfield, it was widely listened to and sung as a symbol of the civil rights movement. It also has many covers.