Head Over Heels

Head Over Heels


One morning, Ertegun awakens to find himself bankrupt... His AI manager has made off with all of his money. Ertegun’s house is foreclosed, and without a penny to his name, he is forced to sleep at Roddy’s place. Ertegun completely loses his confidence and begins questioning his own identity. Trying to cheer him up, Roddy takes Ertegun to visit Carole & Tuesday, who are busy working on their first album. And so, Ertegun’s comeback drama begins, with everyone including Tao and Angela dragged into it.


  • 脚本:うえのきみこ
  • 絵コンテ:許 平康亀井 治
  • 演出:野亦則行
  • 総作画監督:伊藤嘉之
  • 作画監督:堀川耕一ヤマダシンヤ大貫健一菅野宏紀小島えり伊藤嘉之秋山英一
  • 音楽シーン総作画監督:仁井 学
  • 音楽シーン作画監督:近藤圭一
  • Screenplay : Kimiko Ueno
  • Storyboards : Pyoungkang Heo, Osamu Kamei
  • Director : Noriyuki Nomata
  • Chief Animation Director : Yoshiyuki Ito
  • Animation Director : Koichi Horikawa, Shinya Yamada, Kenichi Onuki, Hiroki Kanno, Eri Kojima, Yoshiyuki Ito, Eiichi Akiyama
  • Music Scene Chief Animation Director : Manabu Nii
  • Music Scene Animation Director : Keiichi Kondo
#17「Head Over Heels」(ティアーズ・フォー・フィアーズ)
英グループ、ティアーズ・フォー・フィアーズの『Songs From The Big Chair』(85年)収録曲で、「シャウト」「ルール・ザ・ワールド」に続いて大ヒット。
#17「Head Over Heels」(TEARS FOR FEARS)
A song recorded on British group Tears for Fears’ 1985 album Songs from the Big Chair, it was their third big hit following “Shout” and “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”. It was also used to great effect in the 2001 movie Donnie Darko.