Fire and Rain

Fire and Rain


The self-proclaimed “ace manager” Gus appears before Carole and Tuesday. He acknowledges that the girls have talent and demands to be their manager. So, how to sell them to the public? Gus’ ideas are all old-fashioned. However, their acquaintance, the AI programmer Roddy, comes up with the idea of featuring them on a famous DJ’s show. Carole and Tuesday make a direct sales call to the super-popular DJ Ertegun...


  • 脚本:中西やすひろ
  • 絵コンテ:中山奈緒美
  • 演出:高藤 聡
  • 総作画監督:伊藤嘉之
  • 作画監督:長谷部敦志飯田 遥
  • Screenplay : Yasuhiro Nakanishi
  • Storyboards : Naomi Nakayama
  • Director : Satoshi Takato
  • Chief Animation Director : Yoshiyuki Ito
  • Animation director : Atsushi Hasebe, Haruka Iida
#3「Fire and Rain」(ファイア・アンド・レイン)