Life is A Carnival

Life is A Carnival


Only ten people came to see Carole & Tuesday’s first gig. However, the girls are soon offered another opportunity to play on the main stage of Cydonia Festival in front of over 100,000 people! It turns out they’re filling in for Joshua, lead singer of the popular band Omega, who pulled out at the last minute. What’s more, the festival is the following day!
Carole & Tuesday are also very nervous because they’ll be performing alongside Crystal, an artist they’ve long admired. Will they finally be able to make a name for themselves?


  • 脚本:野村祐一
  • 絵コンテ:松尾 衡
  • 演出:三宅将平
  • 総作画監督:紺野直幸
  • 作画監督:可児里未水畑健二大貫健一石野聡
  • Screenplayt : Yuichi Nomura
  • Storyboards : Ko Matsuo
  • Director : Shohei Miyake
  • Chief Animation Director : Naoyuki Konno
  • Animation director : Satomi Kani, Kenji Mizuhata, kenichi Onuki, Satoshi Ishino
#6「Life is A Carnival」(ザ・バンド)
カナダ/アメリカのルーツ・ロック・グループ、ザ・バンドの4作目『カフーツ』 (71年)収録曲でシングルにもなった。編曲にアラン・トゥーサンを迎えニュー オーリンズ・サウンドを取り入れた享楽的なノリが印象的。
#6「Life is A Carnival」(The Band)
The opening track of Cahoots (1971), the fourth album by Canadian-American roots rock group The Band. Featuring horn arrangements by New Orleans musician Allen Toussaint, it has a very distinctive fun-loving tone.