NordGibson とのタイアップ決定!! Tie-ups with Nord and Gibson confirmed!

世界のトッププレイヤーたちが愛用するシンセサイザー/キーボードの“Nord”ブランドと世界的老舗ギターメーカー“ギブソン” (Hummingbird)とのコラボレーションが決定!

For this project, we are collaborating with Nord, a synthesizer/keyboard brand favored by the world’s top players, and Gibson (Hummingbird), a world-renowned manufacturer of guitars.
If you look closely at the first key visual, you’ll notice that...


Carole’s keyboard and Tuesday’s guitar feature respective Nord and Gibson logos, adding to the authentic feel of the work!
What kind of music will they play in the anime? Please look forward to it!

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